Welcome and thank you for visiting Crow Rooster Studio & Records website. We consist of a small group of musicians, which depending on the day, form various collaborations to write, record & produce music. As a result, you'll find that's the reason why Crow Rooster Studio & Records mix of music tends to be quite eclectic.

So think of Muscle Shoals, Stax and Motown records, in which the proverbial rotating house band would provide the backing tracks for various artists & songwriters in order for their music to be recorded. Therefore, you may hear the same vocalist on multiple songs from various genres, even though the vocalist may be the member of another band. Same goes for guitar, bass, piano etc – i.e. whoever was in the studio at the time or was available for the recording session
​got the gig.

There are no egos here at Crow Rooster Studio & Records. We’re just trying to put out music that people will enjoy & rock out. Most importantly, we're trying to produce a hit song! 

So please, listen to the song snipettes. We hope you like what you hear to the point of purchasing our music, as well as our swell Crow Rooster Studio & Records merchandise. If your ear doesn't get a tickle, please continue to visit our website, since it will be regularly updated with new music (as it’s completed). You keep a listenin' to the Rooster, because we're gonna keep on a crowin', Cock-a-doodle-do!! 

Peace, Love & Soul,
Crow Rooster Studio & Records

P.S. If you like any of our songs, please contact your favorite radio station and request they play it. Thank you, your patronage is greatly appreciated.


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